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Liability Insurance

This class of insurance is designed to protect a business in the event that an allegation of responsibility for personal injury or property damage is brought against the business from either an employee or third party. Liability cover therefore falls into two specific areas, Employers Liability and Public /Products Liability.

Companies have legal responsibilities to their third parties such as customers, clients or indeed members of the public in addition to their own employees. When arranging liability insurance it is critical that we have a full and thorough understanding of your business to ensure that the appropriate insurance protection is arranged. 

Employer’s liability is mandatory by law and provides cover for an employer against injury, disease or death that is sustained by your employees during the course of their employment, where there is alleged negligence on the employer.

Public liability, although not a legal requirement, is essential as it relates to the legal liability to third parties for injury or damage resulting from the companies’ negligence in the conduct of the business operations.

Products liability relates to the legal liability which a business has against bodily injury to third parties and loss of or damage to material property caused by defects in the products or goods sold or supplied.

The cost involved in recalling faulty products can be extensive and Product Recall Insurance can be bought to reduce this risk.

Actions brought against a business can have a devastating effect on the financial stability of a company. Our recommended insurers would handle all matters allowing the business to continue to trade.

We have a wealth of experience in placing all types of Liability Insurances and would be pleased to discuss and provide our recommendations.

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